Wyrm Tools Product Backlog

Last Modified: 2007-07-26T22:45:00-05:00
  Item # Description Est By
  1 More ... Add equipment support
This includes the equipment element (possibly multiple element types), the equipment editor, and adding equipment support to the character element and editor.
80 RS
  2 More ... Add support for importing/exporting campaign elements
This includes the platfrom campaign element and the d20 character element.
40 RS
  3 More ... Add currency support
A currency measurement type must be added (see task below for making measurement types an extension point). Platform currency support classes must be added. Finally, currency support must be added to the d20 character element and its editor.
40 RS
  4 Add BAB support 20 RS
  5 More ... Complete description page in d20 character editor
All description attributes must be added to both the character element and editor. Support for random generation of racial description attributes must be added to the character editor.
40 RS
  6 More ... Experience point support
Minimal support must be added to the character element and editor. Rules governing experience point advancement must be added.
40 RS
  7 Convert element identifiers from integers to URIs 20 RS
  8 More ... Add generic support for null elements in model
The IModel interface needs to be refactored to not return null references when an element cannot be located, but rather to return null elements. This isn't going to be straightforward in all situations because a UUID provides no type information so we don't know what type of null element to return. We may have to provide two methods: one that will throw an exception if an element cannot be found and one that accepts a type parameter and returns a null element if it cannot be found.
80 RS
  9 More ... Finalize game rules extension point
Although each game rules implementation is designed to be customizable, we never did implement this feature in the interest of expediency. Before releasing version 1.0, the extensibility mechanism must be finalized and implemented using the d20 system as the reference implementation.
40 RS
  10 More ... Enhance proxy/link support
The current implementation breaks down when multiple components register the same link. Basically, they are ALL informed if a single link is removed from the model, which will lead to UI problems. The link handling in the model needs to be enhanced to associate an owner with each link. That way when a particular link instance is removed, we can add this information to the event so other listeners can choose to ignore the event if they wish.
40 RS
  11 More ... Make Model Explorer updates more efficient
Make model event mechanism more descriptive so views can be more efficient at updating in response to these events. For example, when an element has changed, it may be necessary to update more than the element and its children. If a complex layout provider is used for the element, where the information used by the layout provider is part of the element's values that have changed, then the only way currently to update the view is to update the changed element's parent, which can be very inefficient.
160 RS
  12 More ... Implement element locale editing
All elements are currently localizable, but the element properties dialogs do not allow editing of locales other than the fallback locale. There are issues with synchronizing different pages. Eclipse does not make it easy to modify the "property sheet" and coordinate the individual pages as is normally done in Win32.
160 RS
  13 More ... Model versioning
All model elements should be versioned. An import/export plan must also be implemented to facilitate upgrading previous versions to a new version. JDO places certain restrictions on the implementation of versioning. Current idea is to put each version of model elements in a different package (e.g. org.wyrmtools.internal.core.model.v1.Source). But this does not cover versioning of interfaces.
320 RS
  14 More ... Move wizards to their own packages
Currently, all wizard pages are in the same package (both in the core and d20 plugins). They should really be moved to individual packages as was done with the d20 property sheets and editors.
16 RS
  15 More ... Improve definition of actions in UI packages
The way our custom actions are implemented works, but seems to be inconsistent with some Eclipse conventions (notably having the action define its own ID and action definition ID). This topic must be further researched and the implementation corrected.
24 RS
  16 More ... Secure password handling
Change all internal representations of passwords from String to char[]. Use Java key store for storing passwords rather than in plaintext configuration files. (Investigate the Eclipse "keyring".)
40 RS
  17 More ... Use correct I18N routines
We currently use String.compareTo() for string comparisons. This should be changed to use Collator.compareTo(). Collation is only necessary for things like sorting element names, it is not necessary for UUID comparisons, for example.
32 RS